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Michael Whay

Lighting, AV and Video Camera Opt, Entertainment

Stage, Set & Event Production Services

Michael Whay's Bio:

A stagehand of ten years. At venues like the North Charleston Performing Arts Center & Coliseum, The Gaillard & Memminger Auditorium. A stage manager for corporate events including Sysco Systems, GSK, PGA & Boeing.   Works on plays, corporate, trade shows, concerts, festivals and the occasional television show. As a Electrician, AV tech, and Live Event Camera Operator. Also creates free and licensed photography.  

Michael Whay's Experience:

  • Photographer at Event Photography Group

    Graduation and Event Photographer

  • Stagehand at IATSE

  • Camera Operator at IATSE

  • Stagehand at Spoleto Festival Usa

  • Stagehand at North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center

Michael Whay's Education:

  • Trident Technical College

    Concentration: Filmmaking, Photography
  • Fort Dorchester High School

Michael Whay's Interests & Activities:

Macro Photography, Film Making & Editor for Streaming-TV.

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